Winley Industries (Far East) Ltd




Founded in Hong Kong over 45 years ago,we began as a trading company, and eventually made dinnerware our main focus in business. During the 1990’s Winley began to develop its own manufacturing facilities in China.


Over the years, Winley has developed its web of manufacturing facilities within the Asian region. This provides us the strategic advantage in production control and flexibility, as well as price competitiveness.


In the early 1990’s Winley Industries shipped its first inglaze merchandise to the U.S. for Andy Warhol Foundation’s Marilyn Monroe dinnerware program. We believe this to be the first large shipment from China in history to reach the California Prop.65 standards.


Today, our network of factories in China and South East Asia can produce any type of ceramics in Today’s market. Our experience and understanding of our product has made us a market leader in supplying and developing ceramic dinnerware products all over the world.

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